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Carbonite InfoCenter 5.1

Carbonite InfoCenter is part of Carbonite software
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  • Restoring Bookmarks on Firefox.
    Carbonite is an all-in-one backup/restore solution with cloud features. To restore Firefox bookmarks, visit Carbonite's website and acquire the backup... Read more
  • Deleted shortcut and image.
    To place the application to its system tray, first you need to open it. Locate the application in its installation folder (usually Program Files)... Read more
  • Update to version 3.7.1 (latest version).
    There is no changelog to properly write this information since this application can be installed from the member's area after you log in. To automatically... Read more


Carbonite InfoCenter is part of Carbonite software.
The Carbonite InfoCenter is your visual interface to view information about Carbonite's current status and/or progress, as well as available options.
You can set a backup schedule, restore files, manage your Carbonite account, and instruct Carbonite to use less of your Internet bandwidth.
Should you run into difficulty you can also contact customer support through the Carbonite InfoCenter.

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